Online Research Tips For Students To Write A Perfect Assignment

In this era of digitization, students no more rely on going to libraries borrowing tons of books for doing their assignments or making notes. Students with the fast pace of advancements of the internet and smart gadgets like laptops, smart phones, tablets, and desk top are indulging in doing research online to gather data for their assignments. Who want to spend hours doing assignments through old school methods when you can use the internet to gather data from multiple of sources merely in seconds. As per the statistics revealed by the study, daily 2.9 million searches are made along on Google – Wow! Too much to digest.

There are millions of students out there grumping they don’t get relevant material over the internet related to the assignments when they make searches on search engines. Why? Why bunch of students from the same class, enrolled in the same course are excelling in their assignments through online searches, while others are grouching?  There is lack of searching skills, despite trying numerous methods every day, yet failing to get desired research results. There are tips that every student doing online searches for their assignments needs to know.

Choosing The Right Topic

This is an undeniable fact that you don’t every time get the liberty of choosing the topic. However, whenever you do get the chance, make sure you choose a topic that is interesting topic make your research results 50% better, since you know the topic relatively better than other forced assigned topic, even if you don’t, you can use relative keywords to generate some better searches.

Use Keywords To Search On Google

Keywords are the soul of online research. If you know how to mix and match your keywords or break down your research in proper and individual keywords, you are more likely to get 90% of proper research and that too from relatively authentic sources. Initially there will be few hits and misses, but keep making combinations for smarter and faster research.

Extend Your Research Further On Google Scholar

There is a possibility that you may not get lucky every time while making your searches on Google. No matter how much you try playing with your keywords, you end up getting nothing that you want. There you need to extend your research to Google Scholar. This is one of the best sources for getting scholarly articles and peer review journals. Who doesn’t like to gather data from credible sources? Over Google Scholar the biggest ease is of limiting or defining years as per your topic needs and requirements.

There Are Other Search Engines Too

Don’t confined yourself to Google only, there are numerous other search engines giving better results. Yeah, we agree your point of argument will be “they all will be giving similar results”. But there is a catch. Search Engines like Bling and Yahoo are more underrated, but they may yield you results which another may not have gotten. However, if you are not the fan of using three different search engines and slow down your processor’s speed, you can use Zuula, A Meta search engines, which searches through multiple search engines, providing you better results.

Use of Advance Search Techniques

Students are not aware of advance searching tricks, which professional academic writers and researchers employ for getting the best and more relevant research results. Use: pdf or: doc after your phrase or keyword ends to extract all the pdf and doc files related to your research topic. Put your research within parenthesis, this makes your research restricted only to the keyword or the phrase you have used. Use minus (-) sign to narrow your research to only a specific topic. For example, you want your research to be restricted to only apple rather than Apple Inc. write your search in search bar as apple-Inc.

Use these tips to make your search hassle free and getting data you require for your assignment. When writers of renowned assignment writing service in the UK can use these tricks and, make your jaw drop open by the data and statists, you can do the same thing on your own as well, but the condition is you need to surf time.

Author Bio

Thomas George is an editor in numerous online magazines over a decade. He has written articles and is on the way of publishing a book on using online tools for your research.


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